Benefit with every price development

The volatility of the markets represents an opportunity for you. Whether in equities, futures or commodities, trading with CCR Trading is rapid, judicious and individually tailored to our customers.


CCR Trading trades equities from all industries in the USA that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. Fluctuations allow for substantial gains in a very short time. We also keep an eye on the European stock market.


Low capital investment and high leverage make trading in futures particularly attractive. The huge variety of products is another argument in favour of efficient futures trading.


High volatility is a good reason for engaging in options trading on the international markets. Significant profits can be made even with small market developments.


CFDs are derivative financial products that depend on the price performance of an underlying asset. In this way, lucrative profits can be made if there is a marked difference in the price of the underlying asset.


It is interesting to trade commodities such as gold, silver or oil – particularly in US dollars, which offer a better performance. Moreover, equities can be sold faster than in European markets.

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