The most important advantages of working together

CCR Trading offers numerous advantages compared to traditional financial institutions. From better conditions to higher profits.

No commission

There are no transaction fees or commission for you as a customer. This will save you money in the long run. We are committed to achieving success and therefore highly motivated to ensure that your investments perform well.

Short reaction times

Reacting to changes in the market in the shortest possible time – that is what we are trained for. Taking quick action is one of our greatest strengths. We remain on the lookout for attractive investments for our customers on a daily basis.

«Long» and «Short»

Traditional financial institutions usually make too little use of momentum and rely mainly on rising prices. CCR Trading not only goes “long”, but also “short”, thereby creating added value from every market development.

Efficient investment

We understand the complexity of the markets and have direct market access. With our support, you can invest your retirement assets wisely and achieve above-average returns in the long term.

Exclusive service

We only serve a limited number of customers in order to monitor their portfolio as efficiently as possible. This creates a personal bond and enables us to accompany our customers more closely than traditional financial institutions.

Do you want to benefit from developments on the stock market? Contact us today.